Jeff's Tower VR Weekly DevLog #3

Hey all!

Once again been a very busy week!

This week our main focus has been our new smarter Ai, which now includes multiple death variations, different attack patterns, new navigation system and some bug fixes that we had before!

There are now three different death variations for all of our Ai, we feel that this has made the Ai a lot more dynamic in the game world.

Now the orcs have also got different attack patterns with different animation variations as well as different attack speed's which also makes the game play more dynamic since the orc will automatically decide which pattern to use and it will vary between getting attacked every 4 second to every 6 seconds which over time could be a big difference to the player! How many different attack patterns can you spot?..

Our new navigation system has been reconstructed to be a lot smarter now, the orcs will now never go to the same goal point if it is already occupied which makes the stacking one behind the other almost non existent. It is also now set up 100x more developer friendly which also makes our workflows more efficient for testing and setting up different wave variations compared to the 'Spaghetti Monster' that we were using!

We have now fully finished all of our desired level blockings for the game and now we are testing for overall feel of the levels, whether a certain lane takes too much time for the enemy to walk down, whether you can see the enemies from certain spots to be able to hit them, whether the Ai goal points are clearly visible for the player and so on. Check out them in the images!

We have now finished the asset pack that we will be using for the forest area and currently concepting assets for the ruins area and we have already set up a tileable moss texture to vertex paint on meshes to break up some modular assets!

Stay tuned till next week!!

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